You're doing it right

If you're doing it wrong, then you're doing it right.

Read that again. And think about it.

If you're doing it wrong, then you're doing it right.

Wait what?

Yep. If you are making mistakes, doing things wrong, and struggling, then you are doing it right! 

Life was never designed to be a place where you would do everything perfectly and never mess up. So if you're messing up out the wazoo, then you are right on track!

All those thoughts and beliefs about how you "have to be the perfect one", "have it all together", "never ask for help", "figure it out yourself", "fix the problem", "just be strong enough"....LIES. 

You are here on this earth to grow and fail and LEARN so is EVERYONE ELSE. Me included! We are all having EXPERIENCES. Real, raw, messy, wonderful experiences. :)

God is not waiting up in heaven with a sledgehammer to whack you on the head anytime you mess up! Or waiting for you to have all your to-do list checked off before you show up and talk to Him. He is full of love, delight and excitement as He watches you learn and grow. And He wants to be with you in ALL of the experiences you are having. 

This includes experiencing emotions like sadness, anger, joy, heartbreak and experiencing tasks like dishes, laundry, diaper can invite Him into ALL of it and feel connected to Him wherever you are and whatever you're doing. Have you ever invited God to do the dishes with you? I'll tell you it's a lot more fun that way. :)

He WANTS to do life with you. He wants to be a part of the day to day. And He knows you will yell at your kids, or feel too tired to read scriptures, or miss showering for three days in a row...He gets it. AND He loves you anyway.

God is the perfect example of providing space for us to be where we are at. He honors us and loves us regardless of the choices we are making. He provides space. AND He invites us to live in a deeper relationship with Him that requires more intentional effort, that requires choosing Him everyday instead of negative thoughts or behaviors. I have found that He is never condemning and ever inviting.

He sees you where you are at and He loves you. Right here. Right now. Messy bun, leggings and all. :)

He doesn't want you to try to figure it out on your own. He doesn't want you to feel the pressure of fixing everything and everyone around you. In fact...that's His job. :)

So instead of beating yourself up to try to "force" yourself to grow, try taking a step back with the Lord and ask Him to tell you what He thinks about you. Ask Him to tell you who you are. 

Take a minute, grab a piece of paper or open the notes section on your phone and just ask Him...what do you love about me? And then listen and believe what He has to say. :)

P.S. Watch out for the doubts that will come after. I'll call those out right now as BS and attacks of the adversary. He does not love you. He is totally fine with you berating yourself. He is a LIAR. So hold to the message you receive from the Lord and read it over and over, and tell the adversary to pack his bags and head out!


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