You've probably had it too...
That moment when you know your life is never going to be the same.
For me it was the moment my husband told me he struggled with a pornography addiction. 
Now I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about that here because there are three links to 
great podcasts that you can listen to below that share our story. 
So why bring it up? Because supporting a loved one in addiction is a trial I never thought I'd have, and it was one that 
brought me to my knees and broke my heart into pieces I could never put together on my own. 
I needed a miracle. My marriage needed a miracle.
I personally believe that you have had (or will have) a trial or challenge so hard that the only place you have to turn for help is God. 
He never makes you turn to Him, but the invitation is always there. Your rock bottom may be the same as mine or totally different.  
Even though the details of our stories are different, I know the feelings of loss, grief, hopelessness and fear that these experiences in life can bring AND God has shown me the pathway out of that place of hopelessness and into a place of healing. 
He is the healer, and I want to be your guide to help shorten the time you spend in the dark.
I invite you to click on one of the three links below to hear my story, hear hope for yourself and know you're not alone.


I thought I'd done everything right, so I should have a happy, perfect marriage, right? Nope! God used my husband's struggles with pornography as a catalyst to heal broken places in my heart and help me become a warrior for honesty, boundaries and intentional, shame-free living.


My husband and I are both very open about our journey because we believe it is time for the conversation around sexual addiction and betrayal trauma to change. We are all humans who need help and healing. And when we fight the shame instead of each other, that is when powerful healing and recovery happens.

What I've learned

This is the best podcast to start with if you want the condensed version of my story and the key takeaways that I've learned about life and marriage and my relationship with God.