It's time to stop trying to do it all on your own. 

In my own life and in conversations with other women I constantly hear things like...

"I just want things to get better."

"I want to stop feeling like I'm not enough."

"How do I find healing just for myself even if my husband doesn't change?"

"I wish I knew how to use my voice and get help that I need."

"I wonder what life would be like if this weren't a problem in our relationship."

If any of these resonate with you, then you're in the right place. Healing is possible for you regardless of what is happening in your marriage, 
and I can show you how to find it.

In "Saved by Grace," you'll learn what's your responsibility to change and what's not. You'll learn to let go of what you can't control and give God the rest! 
It's not up to you to save your marriage, and it never was!  

Are you ready for something different?

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Who is "Saved by Grace" for?

"Saved by Grace" is a 7-week course (with a bonus week) that will help you find healing from betrayal trauma by teaching you
how to live an intentional life centered on Christ. 

It's something I've created based on my own experiences over the past 7 1/2 years working through my own recovery and supporting countless other women on the journey to find healing through Christ. 

This will be a great fit for you if...


-You want to stop feeling crazy anytime you have something to work through

-You want to stop letting your husband's behavior control your happiness

-You want to find healing that is for yourself because YOU want it


And if you’re ready to...


-Let go of all of the expectations of other people about how you "should" be handling your situation

-Finally FEEL and RELEASE all of the emotions, words and thoughts you've been holding in for so long
-Be and feel like yourself again and be SEEN, HEARD and LOVED exactly as you are, right now.

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What you need to know

How does the course work?

Each week you will work through the content that will include short videos, guided exercises and meditations. (Some weeks include all of these and other weeks you'll just have videos to watch). I know you have a lot on your plate, so I've made the content digestible and something that you can integrate right into your day to day. I'll also work with you one-on-one in 30 minute coaching session every other week. We'll figure out what time works best for you when you've signed up.

You'll access the course through your private online account. Your participation is completely confidential. I know how vulnerable this journey is, so I completely respect and honor your privacy.

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Course outline

Week 0 (bonus week)- Progress not perfection

Let go of expectations and learn how to meet yourself right where you're at

Week 1- What is betrayal trauma?

Gain a better understanding of what trauma and how to heal from it

Week 2- Find healing for YOU

Let go of trying to fix your husband and start turning to the Savior for yourself (one of my favorite visualizations is in this week!)

Week 3- Get real to heal

It's time to be TOTALLY honest about where you're at. Stop trying to stuff how you're feeling.
Get real with God and invite Him into the places it hurts the most to help you heal.

Week 4- Rewrite your story

Decide what you want to create in your life and in your marriage and who you want to be

Week 5- Heal your body

Learn how trauma is stored in the body and how to release it

Week 6- Heal your brain

Learn how the thoughts you are thinking can change how you feel and let go of the ones that aren't helping you anymore.

Week 7- Heal your heart

Learn how to support your emotional health and live life from a whole-hearted place by BEING YOURSELF! Learn how to REST, NOURISH and REFRESH!

Frequently asked questions

What is my investment?

You will invest $397 in yourself for the next 7 weeks. And I promise you, it will be worth it. And YOU are worth it!
 This investment includes lifetime access to the course materials including the printouts and meditations. 
You will also have one-on-one support from me throughout the course through one-on-one coaching every other week as 
you work through the content. I am committed to helping you succeed!

Is there a specific time frame to finish the course?

I recommend that you do the course week by week. If you miss some content or spend more time on one of the sections, that is totally fine! 
I've designed it for you to be able to take at your own pace. My whole goal is to help you become more in tune with your true self and your 
Savior to be able to do what is right for you.

What materials/equipment do I need to complete the course?

You'll need to have a computer or smart phone to access the online videos and a printer to print of the guided exercises and journal prompts. 
I also recommend having notebook or journal that you can use as a place to keep track of everything you are learning.

How is coaching different than therapy?

I'm not a therapist. I'm a coach. I'm able to guide you because of what I have learned and lived myself in the past 7 years of finding healing from my own 
betrayal trauma. I have gone to therapy and 12 step groups and do things to maintain my healing on a daily basis. I can share from my experience. If things 
come up as you go through the program that you feel needs help from a professional counselor, then I will encourage you to seek out what you need. 
Building a new life after betrayal trauma includes many different foundation stones and coaching can be one of them. 
Qualified therapy and 12 step groups are others.

Anything else I should know?

That YOU ARE WORTH IT! When you take simple, consistent steps toward healing, miracles happen. We'd all like it to be fixed right away, (I sure did), 
but the process of growth I experienced as I learned to be in tune to myself, trust my gut, trust God and let go of everything I couldn't control has been 
worth the journey. You will find strength, joy and confidence like you've never known before simply by learning how to be you! 
You've got this and God's got you!
I'm ready!

I know I have the experience and compassion to be able to help you right where you're at. I commit to honor your story and invite you into healing. 

I know it's important to you to hear it from others too.

"One of Amy's superpowers is the ability to relate and empathize with people who have a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs. She does this while being steady and consistent in her own experiences and beliefs--which enables me and others around her 
to feel comfortable confiding in her and discussing important topics. I'm so grateful for
Amy's friendship; she is one of the most forgiving, accepting, and loving people I know."

- Miranda

"The qualities I admire most about [Amy] are her clever creative skills, her motivation to learn new things to continue to better herself as a wife/mother/friend, and and her 6th sense for knowing when someone needs a kind word/helping hand. Amy takes the time to really get to know people and help them feel valued and appreciated. You know you have a friend who is going to push you to be your best self in the kindest/funnest way possible if Amy is in your team!" 

- Kaelie
"When Amy and I have worked together she was confident and kind. I felt like I could talk 
to her and she would give me her honest opinion while also letting me be me and choose 
for myself what would work best for me. I know with Amy I can give and receive ideas 
without censure but friendliness."


"Amy can just say it like it is. That is an attribute I appreciate in her. She is one of the most incredible, mature people I know. What I think is so unique about Amy is her connection to visualization, she has been a great coach and friend to me! She has a great ability to teach through visualization and put someone in a different head space which is very special."

- Debbie
Still have questions???

Then let's chat. I want to make sure that you know this is the right investment for you, and I commit to helping people that I know are ready and will benefit from what I have to teach.

So let's plan a time to hop on Zoom and we'll chat to see if this is the piece that you're needing in your recovery journey right now.

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